Roseneath Naturals Deep Relief Oil


Deep Relief Oil provides topical analgesia and will also encourage tissue repair.
Deep Relief Oil can provide either a warming or cooling action.
Deep Relief Oil is a penetrant enhancer for the Rub and is NOT a massage oil.
Deep Relief Oil extends the action and the working depth of Slow Release Rub.
Deep Relief Oil extends the skin slip of Slow Release Rub during therapeutic massage.
Deep Relief Oil is also fantastic for killing fungus under the nail.



Deep Relief Oil Contains

  • Peppermint Derived Menthol
  • White Camphor Essential Oil
  • Eucalyptus Essential Oil
  • GM-Free Rice Bran Oil
  • Organic Calendula Extract
  • Thyme Essential Oil
  • Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil
  • Ethanol Salicylic Acid

50ml Spray bottle.

Additional information

Weight .08 kg