My Story

My road to recovery and health

Hello, I’m Sharlene, owner of BioSuperfood Australia.

My story with BioSuperfood began in 2009 during which time I was diagnosed with the life changing and debilitating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as a result of contracting Ross River Fever.

Around this time my friend told me of her rescue Greyhound, who was suffering with SLO, a painful condition where the toenails are rejected by the body. I decided to help her any way I could and started researching natural treatments. My research soon led me to BioSuperfood and their amazing testimonials. After taking BioSuperfood f2, my friend’s dog made a full recovery and that’s when I knew these supplements were something magical.

My own health was declining during this time. It had been 3 years already with no sign of me recovering to how I used to be.

So, I bought three bottles of BioSuperfood f2 and began my journey back to health and wellness.

Within the first week, I had a sense of…..feeling better.

Then, week by week my health was changing for the better.

“My symptoms, which there were many, slowly began to disappear. I had more energy, and less brain fog.”

At this time I was taking 8 capsules a day of BioSuperfood f2.

I then started to research the other Biosuperfood products and thus began my journey with BioSuperfood f3. 

From my results so far with BioSuperfood f2, I was very determined to give it my all with BioSuperfood f3, and I adjusted my dosage amount to 12 capsules per day. This continued for 2 years.


“I am to this day, completely free from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.”

Unfortunately not many chronic fatigue sufferers can say that. I have continued with BioSuperfood f3 and now take a maintenance dose of 4-6 capsules a day.

Over the years, I have seen some remarkable recoveries from dis-ease in people, pets and wildlife after taking BioSuperfood and BioPreparation. This is  why I am so passionate about these nutritional supplements as I have witnessed first hand their power of recovery and wellbeing.

I started selling Biosuperfood in 2011 and I now provide expert product advice and competitive pricing to happy customers all over Australiasia.

Health and happiness,