Menopausal Problems

I am 55 years old, with menopause problems and I work long hours. I have recently started taking the Biosuperfood F2 & F3 for almost 2 months and have found that it is a “miracle” product. Since I have been using the Biosuperfood I have seen many improvements in:
– energy levels
– less fatigue, more calm
– less allergic reactions from foods
– more clarity in my head
– my Hair is not shedding anymore, my skin and hair texture feel and look much better.
Also keeps my pH (Alkaline) at a healthy level throughout the day, I check my ph balance 3 times a day with urine test strip the result is always good.

I am a very busy person I work a lot, I don’t have much time to prepare my food fresh, but this super food is better !
Previously I would spend lots of dollars on vitamins and taking so many green food powder and tablets within a day. Now I am just taking 12 Biosuperfoods per day, 4x morning, 4x afternoon, 4x night, Compared to so many vitamins and supplements I had been taking.

I would highly recommend this superfood, nothing can compare with Biosuperfood, the best of the best! I wish I had come across this superfood a long time ago, this is “Miracle” superfood! like sent from HEAVEN! . Do yourself a favour, Try It!!

Amy Selamat

Constant illness to amazing health

I used to take a number of natural supplements including Spirulina powder, protein shakes, etc. After taking the BioSuperfood F3 for the first week my body was telling me that it longer needed any other supplements as I had enough energy just from the BSF F3 capsules. I had also noticed that my mood had changed and I became calmer and more passive. An odd and unexpected side effect but one that was most welcome.

After using the BSF F3 for several months I found my cravings for tea/coffee/ alcohol/chocolate, etc had dramatically decreased. It was like my body just no longer wanted these things.

The biggest change from using the BSF F3 has been with my mother. After a life of persistent illness and constant sickness, she would be in hospital about 4 times a year. Due to numerous health problems, a normal diet would be difficult, to the point of not eating at all. As a consequence, she would constantly become weak and this would in-turn increase the chances of illness. The BioSuperfood F3 capsules have been nothing short of a life line for her. In many ways she survives solely on the capsules. From taking one F3 capsule hourly, her energy levels would quickly return after any period of illness. Most of all she has not been in hospital for about a year, which is exactly how long she has been taking the BioSuperfood.

For anyone interested in achieving the highest level of nutritional intake, you cannot go past BioSuperfood.

I would also like to mention the prompt and professional service that Sharlene offers in her competitive pricing and quality service.

Malcolm Graham

Massive difference to my energy levels

I’ve been taking Biosuperfood F2 for the last two years and have noticed a massive difference to my energy levels. As a Fitness Professional I expel alot of energy when teaching fitness classes and found that if I take 4 – 6 F2 capsules a day, I stay motivated and energised.
Before I discovered Biosuperfood I was really struggling in my day to day activities, now I wouldn’t go without Biosuperfood, it’s part of my daily vitamin in take.
My personal results are: a fantastic sleep pattern, full of energy, happier, clearer thinking, able to achieve more in my busy day, not feeling like I need an afternoon nap.

Larnie K